The Things I Wear Over and Over Again…

The Things I Wear Over and Over Again…

We all have those few items that are our go to’s. Lately I’ve noticed a few items that have become staples in my wardrobe and I wanted to share. Here are the items I find myself wearing over and over again:


These are my go to jeans. Not only are the comfy (yes I know, comfy jeans sounds like an oxymoron) but they are also so on trend. These dress up or dress down perfectly.

Bike Shorts

These are my go to for running errands, woring out or just hanging around the house. The first pair are definitley more affordable but still have great quality. I got my whole family to buy them so now I am twinning with my Mom, Aunt and sister lol.

Go-to T-shirts

I can’t get enough of the oversized t-shirt look. I wear these with my bike shorts also almost everyday. You cannot beat the comfort of a huge tshirt, so lucky for us it’s trendy right now.

Cozy Bras

I love all of these, they are constantly moving in and out of the laundry. So comfy to sleep in, hang out in, or even work out in! The free people brami I even pair with jeans to go out in some times!

Sweatshirts and Jackets

These three items are just the coziest. You can’t beat a good denim jacket, they are timeless. I actually snagged an awesome one on a crazy sale the other day Nordstrom Rack! And these sweatshirts are my favs, yes there’s a huge difference in price between the two but genuinly love them equally.


I’ve been wearing these platform converse for years and they are my favorite. They literally go with every outfit. From my bike shorts, to jeans, to dresses they look cute with everything. Birkenstocks bring me back to my high school years, however lately I find myself wearing them a ton. The Nike sneakers I love to throw on with my jeans or dresses. I like to call them my fancy sneaker lol.


You can pretty much catch me in some kind of variation of these pieces almost everyday. Simple, classic, timeless and on trend. 

Hair Accessories

By the looks of these hair accessories, it looks like I’m living in the 90s. I need a haircut so bad, my hair has never been this long, so I’ve been loving twisting my hair up with one of these clips or just throwing it up in a messy bun with the scrunchie. These scrunchies are so good for your hair and don’t leave me with crazy kinks.


Well… there they are! My current faves in my closet. I laugh sometimes at my closet full of clothes, but I am constantly re-wearing and picking these items out.


Hope you guys have an amazing week.




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