The At-Home Mani Kit I’ll Be Using Even After Quarantine

The At-Home Mani Kit I’ll Be Using Even After Quarantine

If you are anything like me, my whole industry was forced into a pause due to the pandemic. That being said finding ways to save is even more important now then it was before. Luckily, this at home mani kit is one way to save without having to compromise quality. Before quarantine, going and getting my nails done every two and a half to three weeks was one of my favorite activites. Now, the thought of spending almost a thousand dollars just on manicures a year sounds insane to me.

My Aunt Erika is always so thoughtful and ahead of the trends and sent me an early birthday present a few weeks ago from Olive and June. It was a full out manicure kit that included:

Some of these items are sold at target, so you can click the links to shop them at your local target however not all items in the box are sold at target. This box is the perfect gift. It also gives you a pouch to hold all of these items in and the box is the cutest pink color. There are different boxes available but this seems like such a steal for all of the high quality prodcuts you receive. The nail polish remover works amazing and so does the cuticle serum. I feel as though I just left the nail salon when I am done giving myself my own!

In the photo above I am wearing KMC on the left with a gold sticker and TT on the right.

This post is not sponsored, I got this as a gift from my Aunt and just geniuenly wanted to share it with you guys!

Hope you are staying safe and healthy, and being kind to each other and yourself!




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